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Local News

Parents say 20 children have left Charter Academy over concerns about its teaching methods.

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Nigel Dodds and Val Barnes were flying from Menorca to Newcastle when the plane got into difficulty.

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Many of the photos of Freddie Mercury and the group have never been seen by the public before.

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Independent Caister Lifeboat is using drones with lights and cameras to send images to the boat.

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Michael Base collapsed at his home and was found in a diabetic coma when staff raised the alarm.

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Members of the Rail, Maritime and Transport union (RMT) are staging two 24-hour walkouts in October.

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Volunteers came to the aid of a seal after its neck was trapped within a plastic flying ring.

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NHS England ambulance trusts spent 78m on private firms in 2016-17, up from 64m two years ago.

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The man has a suspected broken arm and a head injury.

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The drug was discovered during a raid on a flat.

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Two friends died when their plane came down on the Queen's Sandringham Estate.

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Holders Man United visit Swansea in the fourth round of the Carabao Cup, while Chelsea play Everton and Tottenham host West Ham.

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Community News

Avoid Your Home Flooding

Posted by Administrator : Monday 11th March 2013

BE PREPARED OR AT LEAST HAVE YOUR ARM BANDS READY. Flooding can be devastating for home owners but some simple tips could prevent heartbreaking and costly repairs. It is important that you understand about your property and local areas, so you can be aware of any potential flooding problems in the future.


Getting On The Property Market

Posted by Administrator : Sunday 10th March 2013

EASIER SAID THAN DONE! The mortgage and property market looks to be improving slightly through better mortgage deals. However the market still lacks direction and combined with lack of incentives for new buyers and government cuts it looks like it could be a while before it rises.

Do You Support Your Local Businesses?

Posted by Administrator : Wednesday 6th March 2013

LENDING YOUR LOCAL SUPPORT. Do you use your local shop? Do you go to the local pub? Do you visit your local butcher? Many studies have shown that support in local businesses is on the up.

What Is Next For Our Local Public House

Posted by Administrator : Saturday 2nd March 2013

THERE IS NOTHING WORNG WITH A GOOD LOCAL. It is no secret that our local pubs have suffered in the last decade due to numerous factors such changing nightlife trends (Bars and Clubs), the recession (meaning people have less to spend), alcohol awareness campaigns, the general costs of ale and rent and increases in government tax’s on alcoholic beverages.

The Local Transport Infrastructure

Posted by Administrator : Friday 1st March 2013

HOW DOES OUR LOCAL TRANSPORT COMPARE? For years people in the Fincham community have made their feelings known when it comes to public transport.

Avoid The Local Cowboys

Posted by Administrator : Thursday 28th February 2013

HOW EASY IS IT TO SPOT A LOCAL COWBOY TRADER? There are numerous reasons why cowboy builders get away with their bad practices and carry on working in the community such as people not asking for verified references, no signed contract, not obtaining at least 3 other quotes to compare, clients naturally go for the cheapest quote and some residents or businesses are impatient and choose not to wait for the best builder.

Local Weather

Minimum Temperature: 6C (43F), Wind Direction: West North Westerly, Wind Speed: 6mph, Visibility: Very Good, Pressure: 1014mb, Humidity: 62%, UV Risk: 3, Pollution: Low, Sunset: 19:00 BST

Maximum Temperature: 18C (64F), Minimum Temperature: 10C (50F), Wind Direction: South Westerly, Wind Speed: 9mph, Visibility: Very Good, Pressure: 1022mb, Humidity: 58%, UV Risk: 4, Pollution: Low, Sunrise: 06:43 BST, Sunset: 18:57 BST

Maximum Temperature: 18C (64F), Minimum Temperature: 9C (48F), Wind Direction: Southerly, Wind Speed: 10mph, Visibility: Very Good, Pressure: 1023mb, Humidity: 69%, UV Risk: 3, Pollution: Low, Sunrise: 06:45 BST, Sunset: 18:55 BST

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